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Architecture is not simply built space.

In its most humanist meaning, it is an opportunity for encounter, interaction, synergy and as such it can play a decisive role in collective change processes.

HopeandSpaceis a Third Sector Organization that was born in 2004 from the desire to find innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to the great challenges that await us on the territorial scale.


​It is formed by a pool of experts with specializations in different areas (architecture, sociology, engineering, economics) with a background in International Cooperation.

​We are united by the passion to work together with communities and their administrations in the processes of safeguarding and improving their territories both in Europe and in the Global South.



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Luca Bonifacio is an architect who has been working on Emergency, Recovery and Development projects for over twentyfive years.

He has collaborated with some of the major international organizations and agencies, including the United Nations, AICS and Doctors Without Borders.

He is a member of the scientific committee of the  Master Design for Development organized by the Politecnico di Milano.

Since 2015 he has been collaborating with Italian National and Local Bodies in the field of Territorial Recovery and Regeneration.



courtesy of Luca Faranfa

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